International Insights

International Media Create Production based in Toronto. Focus on world wide arts and social issues through Films and Online contents.

Words: Search for the unknown, capture the reality and create the experience with its own rhythm in the dark room.

Our Members

Paris Zheng

is an emerging independent Chinese-Canadian Filmmaker and Producer based in Toronto, graduated of Honors BA of Sociology and Film Study from Carleton University. Born in 1984, has been focusing on international co-production of independent documentaries. Paris is an active member of documentary organization of Canada, used to be co-produce for short documentary “Crackdown” and “Quiet City”; being cinematographer of short documentary”In my mind, I am still riding it” . She had also directed and participated some commercials and short films.

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Yuya Saito

is Co-producer, Technical Director and Web Creator. Graduated from Nihon University in Japan. Since 2008, Yuya has been working for web businesses with web related skills, such as HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript and PHP, Contents Management Systems, Search Engine Optimization. Also in film industry, worked as a Assistant Director in Crack Down (2012) and editing motion pictures for web contents.

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Seon Kwon Hwang

worked as a producer at Mr.Romance CrossMedia Productions in Korea and currently working a travel documentary across seven countries. He had also participate “Crackdown” and “Quiet City”.

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Joan Navarra

is editor of International Insights Film Prodction. After completing his studies at University de Barcelona, he had worked as editor and Assistant Editor as a freelance filmmaker. Many of his film got selected by film festivals.

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