There are different stages for creating a piece of work, or I prefer to say a piece of beautiful thing.
The emerging part of all ideas, where I can immerse myself in any crowds so that I can sit in the conner and watch, just watch. Talking to different kind of people or draw some sketches, anytime I want. don’t have to show anyone.Some story come up, some images form its own in my dream.
and then there is isolated long period of time when I should wake up really early like today. Think quietly before the whole city wake up. Every piece of thoughts gather together for a better piece of creation. I do love morning, even that freaking noisy neighbour dog still sleeping. My world is purely clear.
Last but not least, the showing to audience part, which can be my least favourite part for creating a piece. Let others judge your baby. the thing is, I am not just make the piece for myself. I need to let others to see it. although it is not the most important thing as listen to your inner self. Am I making this beautiful and meaningful. You can tell me if you want



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