I was sitting by the window, realizing how much people have to been through in their lives then I thought about the word
“Insights”-as my understanding, the recognition of deeper meaning of the surroundings in life, or the experience;yet, it is outside the box of where we are physically. It’s more than what we did and what we want to do in the future.
what’s your way of finding the Insights of life.
Some people choose experience;
some people embrace love in a hard way;
some people explore their heart in books;
some move their body with dances;
some analyzing even in their dreams.

I choose FILM.
Film, the moving pictures, which could be the most magical creation that play with time and space.
We enter the world of created or documented time and space, we believe it at the moment and we realize, there are so many reasons and energies and creatures and black holes and magics…
For me, a good film gives deeper insights of the world, the humanity and the outside.
Through your insights, which is your way of thinking, the world will be full of unique dreams.


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